Thursday 17th of December

The site was secured and a new sign was erected – ready for the next season! Share the post “Thursday 17th of December” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedInE-mail


Wednesday 16th of December

We said goodbye to many of the volunteers and the squares were packed up and covered in preparation for the next season. One of our volunteers brought some red wine from their nearby winery, and…

More polished white marble is coming to light!

Tuesday 15th December

As we dug further up behind the inscription in a new square, white flat marble came to light. This could possibly mean the presence an altar, but we will have to wait until the next…


Monday 14th of December

One of the most beautiful sunsets of the dig marked the day that we began ti pack up our equipment in readiness for the closure of this wonderful dig. Prof. Artzy called on Yeshu Drey,…


Sunday 13th December

The excitement around the inscription carried on, but the members of the dig had to continue to do the work of an excavation. A large tractor was hired to come and clear more reeds covering…


Thursday 10th December

A drone was commissioned from Samuel Magal to take aerial shots of the site once the cleaning, using heavy-duty machinery, was complete. The drone’s pictures revealed a site of overwhelming interest with walls, buildings and…


Wednesday 9th December

The Inscription is revealed further by careful excavation Share the post “Wednesday 9th December” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedInE-mail


Tuesday 8th December

The Avery Tsoi Kursi Beach Excavation team uncover a sensational find at the site where Jesus performed the miracle of the Gederene demoniac. On the shores of the Sea of Galilee, at Kursi beach in…


Monday 7th December

The beauty of Archaeology lies in not knowing what hides beneath the seemingly ordinary surface, and then slowly revealing the glory of the past, stone by stone. Looking at it from above gives only a few…


Sunday 6th December

At the beginning of the new week, work continues at Kursi Beach. Area B is yielding many finds: pottery, ceramics, glass, and others. In order to keep up with the quantities that are coming out…


Saturday 5th December

Dr Yossi Salmon and Ragna Stidsing of the Hatter Laboratory at the Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies at the University of Haifa came to the site to study it using Ground Penetrating Radar. Dr Salmon…


Thursday 3rd December

Area B is yielded a quantity of finds, amongst them a small sherd from a Byzantine period oil lamp on which a boat, the type of which is known only from mosaics, was noted. In…


Wednesday 2nd December

Further exploration of Area B is proving very fruitful indeed. We proceeded to clean the shaft/section and to straighten it as much as possible. We found remains of what we believe is evidence of an…


Tuesday 1st December

Area B gets more and more interesting! Careful excavation is revealing evidence of a Public Building in the very place that Mendel Nun predicted so long ago. Volunteers are finding mosaic, marble tiles in black…


Monday 30th of November

Today we had divers from the University of Haifa who came to look for signs of an ancient harbour in the water off Kursi Beach. They found some interesting rocks but nothing conclusive. The water…


Thursday 26th November

Bones found in Area B. These will be sent off for analysis and it will be interesting to see which animal they come from. A very strange stone/conglomerate was found in Area A – we…


Wednesday 25th November

With much of the dense vegetation cleared away, we’re able to see the view that the people who lived and worked in this area would have had of distant Tiberias across the Sea of Galilee….


Tuesday 24th November

Exciting find in Area A. Our Russian volunteer Alex found what may be a grinding stone in amongst the rocks and stones of the square. After the advice of our visitor , we decided to…


Monday 23rd November

  Evidence suggesting a public building! Today we had a very interesting visitor to the site named Joel. He told us that he had participated in the first survey of the site by Mendel Nun…


Sunday 22nd of November

The opening of the squares marks a very important point in the dig. This is where we will excavate, and already the squares are showing some very interesting signs: different coloured earth that is not local…


Thursday 19th of November

We worked on Area A and Area B in the same way as previously; cleaning up the remains of the vegetation. In Area A Dr Yossi Salmon conducted a geodetic RTK GPR. He used a…


Wednesday 18th November

Another day of heat, flies, tough plants and some interesting wildlife on the site; mongooses, wild boar, scorpions and birds visited today. We started cleaning up the thick bush in Area B but the work…


Tuesday 17th November

We continued working on Area B until noon. Some stones of architectural design were found. At noon we moved the team with the sub-contractors to Area A. Area A is covered in thick reeds, bush…


Monday 16th November

We started cleaning up the thick bush in Area B and discovered a need to hire a sub-contractor with a tractor who is a qualified operator of this small tractor for sensitive work. Some of…


Sunday 15th November

EXCAVATION BEGINS AT KURSI BEACH – SEASON 2015 After arriving at the gates to Kursi Beach at 7am, we met with the Park Ranger. He gave us the keys for the gate into the reservation, and we started…